Augustana University 领导


Augustana University promises that students will find an environment that is intellectually challenging. This is also a place where academic rigor is accompanied by generous levels of support from faculty and 工作人员 who are committed to student success.

Augustana promises to integrate faith in the learning environment. This is a place where it is okay to talk about God and ask questions about faith, and where students will come to their own understanding of their faith and the values in which they believe.

Augustana promises to eng年龄 in community. This is a place where people seek to get to know one another and where relationships are built that are valid and personal.

When Augustana students, 反过来, promise to challenge themselves intellectually, integrate faith discussions and eng年龄 in our community, the result is a covenant relationship that creates an educational experience of enduring value.


Administration Building


Stephanie Herseth Sandlin serves as the 24th president of Augustana University in 苏福尔斯, South Dakota — the first woman to lead the university since it was established 162 years ago. As a result of her leadership, the university developed and is implementing its transformational 维京人大胆: The Journey to 2030 strategic plan — supported by the largest and most comprehensive campaign in Augustana’s history.

Prior to joining Augustana University, Herseth Sandlin served as general counsel and vice president of corporate development for Raven Industries, 公司., a publicly-traded company headquartered in Sioux Falls. She also served as South Dakota’s lone U.S. Representative from 2004-11. When elected in 2004, she was the first woman from South Dakota to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives as well as the youngest woman serving in the House during that time. She attended college in Washington, D.C.,她得了B.A., M.A. 和J.D. degrees from Georgetown University. 在此期间, she was a teaching fellow for university students and an instructor on the faculty of the law school.

President Stephanie Herseth Sandlin



圣诞季节, as we know it — a celebration of the holiday season with a buffet-style dinner for Augustana faculty, 工作人员, retirees and their families — began in 2017, with the arrival of Herseth Sandlin. Bringing the community together to celebrate Christmas has always been an Augustana tradition. 

Dr. 乔约翰逊, who taught courses in political philosophy, American political thought, politics & literature and Asian politics, is taking on a new role — Augustana’s interim provost. He was named interim provost by President Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in February, following the announcement that Provost & Executive Vice President Dr. Colin Irvine would be leaving Augustana at the end of the academic year.

Augustana is proud to announce that Stephanie Herseth Sandlin will serve a second term as president of the university. Herseth Sandlin will officially begin serving her second 6-year term on Aug. 1.